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If you own a rug and you notice that dust, stains an odors are building up you can consider two options. First is the DIY cleaning. You can buy rug cleaning supplies and use them yourself. Or you can hire a professional to clean the rug for you. If you clean the rug then you need to make sure you follow the instructions of the cleaners and make sure you do not do anything that would damage the rug. With a professional cleaner they will make sure that the cleaning process for the rug is safe and effective. If you want to save time and spare yourself the hassle of rug cleaning or find that the rug needs a deeper cleaning then calling a rug cleaning company makes a lot of sense.

Who are You Going to Trust?

ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners. Why? With the company’s 20 years of experience in the industry, you are in no safer hands.

ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners has been a household name for many generations. Our 20 years of experience in rug cleaning and restoration has allowed us to master the techniques needed to clean and restore any type of rug imaginable. We do believe that there is no greater teacher than experience itself.

Rug Cleaning Services

Soap and water alone is not enough to clean your rugs. Even a dose of bleach and a powerful vacuum isn’t enough to clean it! Your rug may be damaged if you brush it repeatedly. Save yourself the hassle! Here’s what ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners offer:

  • Hot Water Extraction Method. This is an industrial process wherein special equipment is used to spray on heated water mixed with cleaning solutions on your rug’s surface. After this is done, our cleaning technicians will vacuum the sprayed water along with any other dislodged dirt and particles.
  • Dry Cleaning. Aside from the application of pre-treatment solutions to remove stains, very low moisture systems are used to do rug cleaning. Vacuuming is done once the stains have been totally removed. This is the fastest and easiest way to clean the rugs.
  • Spot and Stain Removal Package. If your rugs haven’t experienced the benefit of a bath, then it will benefit more with our spot and stain removal process. The most seeped dirt and grimes lying over and beneath its surface will be completely removed once it has gone this procedure.
  • Oriental Rugs. Worry not if the rugs that you have at home are priceless Oriental Rugs. We have a team dedicated solely for this task. We understand that Oriental Rugs differ in nature, which is why the cleaning solutions and methods that we use for these beauties are different from the usual.

Bank on Our Experience

With ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaner’s you don’t have to worry about cleaning your rugs. We’ll take care of it and return it good as new!

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