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ABC Persian Rug Cleaning NYC

Cleaning your Persian rug regularly is essential. This is the only way to preserve its beauty. Persian rug care ensures that your rug stays shiny and soft. It will also help remove the stains, dirt and dust on the rug. ABC Rug Cleaning offers the best Persian rug cleaning in NYC. The company uses a thorough process the will keep your rug look as good as new.

ABC Persian Rug Cleaning NYC – Treating Your Persian Rug with Special Care and Attention

ABC Rug Cleaning treats each rug individually. They provide special care and attention to your Persian rug. The company utilizes the best cleaning technique, method an products suitable for your rug. They make sure that the method they used is particularly design for your rug’s unique fibers, dyes and weave.

In general, the company’s method involves a series of steps. This starts with an extensive inspection of your Persian rug. The company values your carpet as much as you do. This is why they make sure that they give your rugs the best treatment possible. For them, inspecting your Persian rug is essential. This will help them identify the right type of cleaning technique, equipment, products to be used when cleaning your rug.

ABC Persian Rug Cleaning NYC – Their Cleaning Process

The technicians of ABC Rug Cleaning are highly trained professionals. They have undergone massive training to know everything about Persian rugs. Their technicians will examine the entire area of your rug. This includes the main body, fringe and side edges. Through this step, they will identify all the problems in your rug. They will make a record of it and identify the best treatment for each problem. This will help ensure that your rug is protected from getting damaged during the cleaning process.

Once the technicians identified the problem, they will plant the right cleaning method to use. They will also determine the right formulation to use on your rug. Generally, the technicians will first perform air dusting to remove dust or dry soil from your Persian rug. They will use specialized machinery for this step. The equipments they used are all modern and high-tech. This will make sure that all the dirt/dust from the rug is removed.

After air drying, the company will go ahead with the cleaning process. They will wash your rug, which involves two steps. These are soaking and using products on your rug. The products used by the company are organic. They don’t use abrasive products to protect the delicate fibers of your rug. After washing the rugs, the technicians will rinse it and proceed to grooming and drying. The grooming and drying step will make sure that your Persian rug looks as good as new.

ABC Persian Rug Cleaning NYC provides the best care for your Persian rug. If you want your Persian rug to live long, then its best to let ABC Rug Cleaning take care of it.