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ABC Handmade Rug Cleaning Queens NY

hand made rug cleaning Queens NY

Handmade rugs are an expensive purchase and you want the best care for your rug and that means only professional cleaning. ABC Rug and Carpet Care specializes in handmade rug cleaning and will give you a cleaning that is professional and thorough in their service to you. It is important to have your handmade rug professionally cleaned to protect the value of the rug.

We Hand Wash Handmade Rugs

ABC Rug and Carpet Care has their own unique cleaning system that they have perfected and offer to you with experience. Each handmade rug is washed by hand and goes through a soaking process to insure that dust, stains and odors are removed. You can be confident these will be removed without damage to the rug even if the dirt is embedded or the odors are from pet urine. Our company is equipped to do the job well and we are certain that our handmade rug cleaning service in Queens is the best you can find anywhere.

When you contact us we can set up a consultation that is completely free of charge. The technicians are happy to answer any questions you have about the cleaning process for you. All technicians are licensed and experienced in their work. We have a rug cleaning factory where we will give your rug the quality of care you want it to have. Each pickup and delivery is free of charge and we will work around your schedule to offer you the best appointment for you. This allows us to use the latest technologies to clean your handmade rug and keeps you from having to be bothered with having a cleaning technician complete the process in your home.

Our Handmade Rug Cleaning Will Make Your Rug Look New Again

The handmade rug cleaning your rug will receive at our state of the art rug cleaning factory is top notch. We use only the best machinery with the latest technology while caring for your handmade rug. Our staff is fully trained and ready to handle your handmade rug whatever the condition it is in. We also are a green company so you can feel good about the fact that no harsh chemicals are being used to clean your rug. The absence of the harsh chemicals some companies use will allow you family to avoid any chemical that might set off an allergy or respiratory problem. Using green chemicals insures that they are not harmful to you or the environment.

ABC Rug and Carpet Care delivers the best handmade rug cleaning in Queens NY and will surpass all of its competitors both far and wide. When you want quality you can trust that ABC Rug and Carpet Care will deliver for you. For more information, please call us at 1-888-829-7072.