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Our Rug Cleaning Factory in Queens NY

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ABC Rug and Carpet Care are a well established company who has been around for over 20 years. We will come to your home, evaluate your problems, and give you a free price quote upon your request. We also provide free pickup and delivery services for all of their valued rug customers. ABC Rug and Carpet Care is a green company that does not use any harmful or toxic chemicals or industrial cleaning agents. Instead ABC Rug and Carpet Care has designed a state of the art cleaning procedure which uses the most advanced cleaning processes for rugs that it is environmentally friendly and provides the optimal cleaning process for your rugs.

One of ABC Rug and Carpet Care’s specialties is cleaning fine rugs. They are licensed and insured and carry a large amount of coverage to provide their customers with the security they need when allowing a cleaning company to handle expensive area rugs.

We Can Clean and Repair Your Area Rug At a Great Price

ABC Rug and Carpet Care is outstanding when it comes to having your hand made area rugs cleaned and repaired. ABC Rug and Carpet Care have a state of the art rug repair workshop for their professional rug repair service that repairs rips and tears, fixes worn area and replaces fringes. No job is too big or too small and service is what ABC Rug and Carpet Care is all about.

If you need a free evaluation from ABC Rug and Carpet Care's trained professional staff then give them a call and they will be at your place in no time. They are quick, efficient and fair priced. No other cleaners in the area have a better reputation than do ABC Rug and Carpet Care.

To get tuff stains out of fine rug, we soak your rug in a green cleaning solutions and stains and odors will be gone and that is a guarantee. If you have a stain you cannot get out then get a hold of ABC Rug and Carpet Care and their cleaning technicians will do you right.

We Provide High Quality Cleaning Services at Affordable Prices

ABC Rug and Carpet Care of Queens NY is a company who not only prides itself in providing a unique service to their clients but also a quality service. You will not find better service at a more affordable price than you will through ABC Rug and Carpet Care. So get your rug, carpet and upholstery cleaned by the best and throw away all the rest.

Once you have established a working bond with us, you will be glad you have. It makes cleaning a breeze. After big parties or just an occasional accident, we can make your home, office, auto, or suit look as good as new. With quality and care this company takes comfort in knowing they are doing a service to the country by using environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Call our rug experts today at 1-888-829-7072, and arrange a no obligation in-home consultation with ABC Rug and Carpet Care. All of our work is guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose. Ask about our carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning services too.