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ABC Rug Repair New Jersey

In order to understand how rugs are repaired, first you need to know how rugs are made. More often abc rug repair New Jerseythan not, rugs are hand-woven by weavers or made by a modern rug weaving machines. The value of a rug will depend on how and where the rug was made and how many strands it was woven with.

If properly maintained, area rugs can sometimes outlive their owners and be passed onto the next generation as a family heirloom. Over years of use, dust, dirt, grime, spots on your area rug and pets can damage your rugs. This is why you need rug repair or restoration to revive the look of your rug.

It is not true that repairs cost a lot more than actually buying a new rug. But, even if it does, can you replace a generation old rug handed to you by your grandmother? Can you even think about getting rid of a $3000 rug?

A Trusted Name in Rug Repair

Before throwing away a family heirloom or an expensive rug, you should consider calling ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners. Who knows how to actually repair the rugs than the cleaners themselves, right?

ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners' staff are not only highly qualified cleaners but also with experienced rug weavers and restoration artist. Yes, that’s what we call them. Purely because once they are done repairing your rugs, you wouldn’t even notice that a hole or a rip was there before. In our rug factory we have the most advanced machines for repairing machine made rugs and tools for repairing handmade rugs.

What is Rug Repair?

  • 1. Color Restoration. We restore the color of your area rug so its looks good as new and remove faded or worn areas. With the use selected dyes, our weavers can restore the original color of you area rug..
  • 2. Fringe Repair. Tassels and fringes are the most common parts of the rug that get damaged usually from vacuum cleaners or worn from foot traffic. Repairs are done through re weaving the fringes or installing new fringes and tassels.
  • 3. Re-Weaving. An accidents can happen at any time and you or a guest can dropped a cigarette onto your rug and burn a hole or a spot on it. Or you could have been moving heavy furniture and ripped the rug. All these and more, we can repair by re-weaving certain areas of rugs.
  • 4. Rug Re-Surging. Other than the fringes, the edges of your rug can often get tangled up with something or get worn out. Resurging is done through threading a carefully selected color onto the edges of your rugs. This is done in order to prevent the rug from unraveling its edges.

Extend the Life of Your Fine Rugs

With ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners’ rug repair New Jersey services, you are not just having for your rug to be repaired, you’re also ensuring the longevity of your rug’s beauty.

When you want your rug to look as if was just purchased, call 1-888-829-7072.