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ABC Wool Rug Cleaning New Jersey

wool rug cleaner New Jersey

At ABC Rug and Carpet Care we offer the best wool rug cleaning services available in New Jersey. Our experienced team of professional wool rug cleaners have access to the latest cleaning equipment in our exclusive rug cleaning factory. We are also an environmentally aware company and we take all precautions to insure that toxins and sprays from our cleaning does not pollute the air or water. We all share in taking care of our precious eco-system on planet Earth. Our cleaning methods are also natural and safe for your fine wool rugs.

Our Staff Knows the Best Ways to Clean Wool Rugs Effectively

Your wool rugs needs the extra attention to safeguarding their natural fiber pile while being cleaned. We at ABC Rug and Carpet Care know how to clean wool rugs safely while protecting the environment as well. Our careful attention to your wool carpet and rugs begins when we first examine your wool rug for cleaning in New Jersey. Trying to make wool rug cleaning a do it yourself project is not only expensive but can permanently damage your wool rugs.

Once we have examined your wool rug, we determine if it needs a deep shampoo cleaning and we inspect your wool rug for any problem areas. Our wool rug cleaning method is done by hand as well as with our buffing equipment that deep cleans your rug and our drying process that ensures that your wool rug dries properly. Once the cleaning and drying process is finished we wrap your rug for delivery and contact you for a delivery time convenient for you. We believe that our service wool rug cleaning in New Jersey is the best you can find and at a great price.

We Have Free Pick Up & Delivery for Our Rug Clients

Once your wool rug has been cleaned and inspected, we will return it to you. Our pick up and delivery service is free and our wool rug cleaning prices are reasonable as well. We want your repeat business in New Jersey and in New York. That is why we will do whatever we can to please you as our customer and to keep your wool rug cleaning costs within your budget. Give us a call and let us quote you our price for cleaning your wool rug using our all natural and environmentally safe cleaning methods that are the best available in New Jersey. You will be delighted at the results of your cleaned wool rugs and save some money as well.

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