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Pet stains and odors, tracked dirt, and everyday wear and tear can be rough on carpet. Often times we turn to store bought products and at-home remedies to try and fix these problems. These methods may seem like they are working but, in fact, only clean the surface of the carpet. Dirt that sits down in the base of your carpet can grind against the fibers, weakening them and destroying the overall integrity of the carpet. The best way to keep your carpet clean and prolong it's life is to attack the dirt and grime at the base of the carpet.

Why Call ABC Rug and Carpet Care?

The knowledgeable professionals at ABC Rug and Carpet Care have the tools and expertise to keep your carpet looking fresh and new for years longer than any at-home remedy. ABC Rug and Carpet Care uses steam cleaning and shampooing to get down deep into the carpet's base, removing all the dirt that can cause damage to the delicate fibers. They offer quality service at a an affordable price, friendly professionalism, and the experience and knowledge to take on any stain and leave your carpet looking fresh and new.

Green Cleaning

Many companies use harsh chemicals to clean carpet and they can be detrimental to allergies and even dangerous to pets and children. ABC Rug and Carpet Care uses green products that not only are safe for pets and children but won't cause allergic reactions. Another benefit of green products is the fact that the are 100% safe for the environment. They don't release toxic odors into the ozone layer and, after cleaning up, you can pour the dirty water right onto the ground which makes for easy, eco-friendly cleanup.

Carpet Cleaning on Your Schedule

ABC Rug and Carpet Care can setup an appointment that is convenient for anyone's busy schedule. Whether early in the morning or late in the afternoon, they strive to cater to your needs as best they can. After all, they know that the customer is the most important part of any business and strive to make you happy.

Whether you have tough stains that you have desperately but unsuccessfully been trying or remove or just need regular maintenance, ABC Rug and Carpet Care is the company to call. They offer affordable prices, on time appointments catered to your needs, and products that are safe for pets, children, and the environment. Call to set up an appointment today and see how well ABC Rug and Carpet Care can clean your home today!