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ABC Handmade Rug Cleaning Long Island

When it comes to handmade rug cleaning a special touch is needed. Handmade rugs can be just as delicate as they are beautiful and an inexperienced rug cleaner can do more harm than good. Fortunately, ABC Rug and Carpet Care is here to help. Their services include upholstery and mattress as well.

Protecting an Investment

Handmade rugs aren't cheap and it is wise to protect your investment by hiring a company that can clean it without damaging it in the process. ABC Rug and Carpet Care uses only green cleaning techniques so that not only is the rug protected as it is cleaned, it also protects the environment.

In addition to doing their part for future generations, ABC Rug and Carpet Care has mastered a cleaning process that can make handmade rugs look like new. The process involves hand washing and soaking to remove odors, stains, and dust. This is the most efficient and safe way to clean your rug without damaging it.

The Importance of Rug Cleaning

One of the main reasons a rug should be cleaned is to remove harmful particles that can become stuck in it. Like a carpet, a rug acts as sort of a filter for a room, gathering harmful particles and keeping them out of the air. Just like with any filter, a handmade rug needs to be cleaned periodically in order to keep it sanitary. ABC Rug and Carpet Care wants to help clients to be able to live in a sanitary environment, free of potentially harmful substances which could be lurking in uncleaned rugs and carpets.

Consulting and Pickup

ABC Rug and Carpet Care knows that every rug, carpet, mattress. and upholstery carries its own unique needs. They take their jobs seriously and will consult with clients prior to getting started to ensure that everything meets their standard. This ensures that the job gets done according to the client's particular needs.

In addition to this ABC Rug and Carpet Care also offers free pick up and delivery. They want to make sure all their clients have an easy time getting their handmade rugs cleaned and don't have to put forth any unnecessary effort on their part. If a client needs to have carpet or upholstery cleaning done, ABC Rug and Carpet Care will schedule a convenient time to take care of it.

Easy and Affordable

ABC Rug and Carpet Care wants to make things as easy on their clients as possible. Their rates are competitive and allow you to have your rugs, carpets, and more cleaned without having to spend unnecessary amounts of money on their services. Protecting your investment, the sanitation of your home or office, and the environment has never been easier. It's a win/win situation for everyone involved.