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ABC Wool Rug Cleaning Long Island

wool rug cleaner long island

When it comes to furnishing the place you call home many people like to purchase on the more expensive side of things. Furniture is not something that is going to be bought on a regular basis, so looking for higher quality items is never a bad idea. One particular area that is often forgotten about, though, are the floor pieces. Homeowners sometimes brush these off because they figure the floor may go unnoticed while the more popular furniture sits on top. This, though, is not the case. The rug and carpet have the power to bring and entire room together, or tear it apart. Buying more luxurious floor pieces is an investment. One that should be taken with utmost seriousness, and protected with utter care.

Wool Rug Maintenance

Because purchasing expensive rugs and carpets is such an important investment, maintaining them must be taken as seriously as the initial purchase. Washing your floor pieces yourself is rarely a good idea. The typical homeowner could never have the synergy in cleaning their floors that a professional has, even with the most expensive of equipment. Knowing that you need a professional is just the first part, though. Once you come to that realization you still have to find a company competent enough to do the job the way you need it done. The sad truth is that most companies have no idea what they're doing. There are, though, a select few such as ABC Rug and Carpet Care which is the place to go the best wool rug cleaning in the Long Island, NY area.

ABC Rug and Carpet Care

There are few companies that understand your wool area rug like ABC Rug and Carpet Care. The way they do business is as if each job is critical, and to them it is. They understand that nothing really boosts a homeowners self esteem like seeing the pleased look of a guest when they walk in the door. Guests aren't pleased if you have an expensive, yet dirty carpet. ABC Rug and Carpet Care knows this; that's why they hand wash all handmade rugs for the highest cleaning quality possible. That's just one example of how great we are at what they do.

The Process

The process of having ABC Rug and Carpet Care take care of your needs is simple. When you contact them let them know what is is you need. If it's to have your rug cleaned, then they'll pick up your rug for free. If it's for a carpet cleaning, then your consultation with their ABC Rug and Carpet Care technician is free. Once it comes time for the job you can trust that they will use green products to clean your investments, so you don't have to worry about hazardous chemicals in your home.


ABC Rug and Carpet Care also does rug repair, mattress, and upholstery cleaning. These are all done with both steam cleaning and shampoo methods. If you're looking to protect the investment that you made in your floor pieces, then ABC Rug and Carpet Care is most definitely the place to go.

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