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That old rug underneath your living room table, the one decorating your hallway or that rug sitting snug in the kitchen - they need to be cleaned. But how do you clean a rug especially if it is an expensive Persian rug or one that you don't want ruined? Well, you can vacuum it up and hire a carpet shampooer, but it is not guaranteed that these carpet cleaners know what they're doing.

Most carpet cleaners purchase the cheapest materials and still use equipment decades old simply because it costs more to clean the right way. That is why certain carpet cleaning companies can charge ridiculously low prices. Sure, times are tough and every penny pinched will be worth something more in the future, but when it comes to a clean home, rug and carpet, it is important to know that you might not just be damaging your rugs and carpets, but your health as well if you do not hire the right rug cleaning company. Plus, if your rugs and carpets are cleaned the proper way, the freshness and cleanliness of your carpets and rugs last much longer (unless of course, you spill something on them). It's not worth saving money by hiring a rug cleaning company if they are, more than likely, going to damage your rugs and carpets with their harsh, environmentally hazardous, low quality cleaning products. These cheap cleaning products can also harm your health - leave rashes on your skin, damage your lungs, irritate your eyes and nose, and much more. In addition, the ancient cleaning machines these companies often use can no longer do the job they once did. They're old, worn out and not as powerful.

Protect Your Rug by Using Professionals

Also, did you know that with the wrong chemicals, you can completely destroy your rug and carpet? These chemicals can not only stain your rugs and carpets, but worst of all, your fabric can fall apart from these harsh destructive chemicals. The best thing to do is to hire a company that specializes in cleaning rugs, like the ABC Rug and Carpet Care factory Long Island NY. There highly trained workers are instructed to professionally clean rugs and carpets using a special method and special cleaning products.

Our Green Rug Cleaning Factory

The ABC Rug and Carpet Care uses green or environmentally friendly chemicals to remove embedded dirt, old tough stains, strong or light odors and even pet urine without any damage to the material. The ABC Rug and Carpet Care factory utilizes state of the art cleaning machinery that works wonders on your expensive carpets and rugs. If you are concerned with how the chemicals these cleaning facilities are using will affect your health, no worries. They are tested and approved to be 100% earth friendly not just to our environment, but to our health as well. You will not receive any skin irritations, runny noses or itchy eyes from these chemicals - guaranteed. Give us a call. Estimations are free.