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ABC Area Rug Cleaning Long Island

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Over time, even the least used rugs become soiled from everyday traffic. A rug will last a long time if a few precautions are taken to protect it from premature wear and the most common kinds of damage. Maintaining a clean rug adds to its value because it will last longer. Most day to day cleaning of a rug can be done by the owners with little effort. However there will be times where skilled professionals should be consulted. When it comes to rug cleaners, Long Island, NY has a company that provides professional services at affordable prices. The company is ABC Rug and Carpet Care.

Our Rug Cleaning Services

When searching for professional area rug cleaning in Long Island, NY has some of the most experienced and skilled professionals at ABC Rug and Carpet Care. They employ only the most skilled and experienced professional cleaners. Part of ABC Rug and Carpet Care offers free pick up and delivery at the customer's request. A customer can also schedule for a technician to come to their home and provide a free consultation; after which the technician can bring the rug back to the factory with them. Another great aspect about the way this company does business is through the use of all natural, green clean products.

Vacuuming Rugs

Common household area rugs are sturdy enough to withstand normal vacuuming. In fact, regular vacuuming is necessary in order for the rug to last. Regular vacuuming of a rug will add to its longevity. Some rugs need to be beaten enough to vibrate rug pile slightly so the sand and soil from deep inside will come loose enough to be vacuumed. If the dirt isn't freed from deep within the rug it will lead to abrasive damage. If the owner can't get the deeper dirt to come loose enough to vacuum out, then they should take the rug to a professional every so often to have it cleaned properly.

Steam Cleaning Rugs

While vacuuming is the preferred method for removing day to day dust and debris, there are times when ground in dirt and stains need to be removed from the rug. It is recommended that the owner leave steam cleaning up to a professional. This is because steam cleaners bought or rented from stores come with strong chemical solutions that need to be used by a skilled professional. The detergents that come with the units are often much more concentrated than the owner realizes and can leave residue that causes abrasions and lingering odors. If you want to lean more about our services for rug cleaning in Long Island, please call us at 1-888-829-7072.