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ABC Chinese Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

abc chinese rug cleaner brooklyn

Finding the best Chinese rug cleaning company in Brooklyn is hard these days, especially one that uses green products in its services. While there are a few, ABC Rug and Carpet Care stands out from the rest. Beyond just offering the basic cleaning services ABC Rug and Carpet Care hand washes area rugs, has licensed professionals, and has a free pickup and return services for clients who need Chinese rug cleaning in Brooklyn..

We Hand Wash Chinese Rugs

While many people do not realize it, but using a professional rug cleaning service significantly improves the life of the rug. This is due to the exceptional cleaning a good service like ABC Rug and Carpet Care will provide. Hand washing has many benefits over other methods of cleaning rugs. A hand wash is generally softer on the rug itself, improving the life of the area rug. Hand washes also provide a deeper clean then a machine will, removing entrenched dirt, odors, and tough stains without damaging the rug in anyway. ABC Rug and Carpet Care also has their own rug cleaning factory which is staffed by licensed professionals who know how to clean rugs. In our rug cleaning factory, they only use green products instead of harsh chemicals which are known to contribute to decay in rugs.

Free Pick Up and Delivery for Our Clients

ABC Rug and Carpet Care offers a pickup service to clients who need it. You can set the time and a truck will come pickup your items for transport to the factory. Our free pick up and delivery service is what makes ABC Rug and Carpet Care stand out from the rest. However an even more important service we offer is for a technician to come to your house and evaluate your Chinese rug. They can then answer any questions you might have about your Chinese rug cleaning in Brooklyn, including turn around time, how to best care for your rug, how our services work and how best to maintain your rugs once they have returned from the cleaning factory. There is no charge for this visit; and if immediately following the consultation you wish to use our rug cleaning service just tell the tech and he will deliver the rug for you.

A surprising service for a carpet cleaning company to offer is rug repair. This follows everything mentioned in the above paragraph exactly. However ABC Rug and Carpet Care will completely repair your rug, such that nobody could even tell it was ever damaged. Nearly everything ABC Rug and Carpet Care cleaning does in its factory is to improve the longevity of it's clientele's carpets, from using green chemicals to hand washing.