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ABC Mattress Cleaning Brooklyn

The average person spends 1/3 of their lifetime on their mattress. Knowing that fact makes it easier to comprehend the Center For Disease Control's statistics that state a single mattress can have anywhere between ten thousand and ten million dust mites. Having a mattress professionally cleaned can have an enormous affect on the health of everyone in the house. Mattresses often contain an overabundance of mites, dust, and dander which can all lead to allergies. They also can be directly associated with asthma, sneezing, eczema, and even hay fever. If you want more information you can call us at 1-888-829-7072.

Our Green Mattress Cleaning Service

ABC Rug and Carpet Care are professional cleaners with affordable prices. ABC Rug and Carpet Care provides the best mattress cleaning Brooklyn has to offer. Ridding all mites and neutralizing all allergens, a green cleaning process is used. There are no harsh chemicals used, eliminating that chemical smell which has a tendency to set off all types of allergies. Our green techniques of cleaning mattresses proves to be safe for everyone including children and pets. Using green mattress cleaning Brooklyn NY now has one of the top environmentally friendly professional cleaners in the city with ABC Rug and Carpet Care.

Using both steam cleaning techniques and shampoo proves to give the best results possible when cleaning any type of mattress for this company's knowledgeable employees.

Customer Service Sets Us Apart

Serving customers with the utmost professionalism and courtesy is what ABC Rug and Carpet Care pride themselves on. Flexibility is important. Technicians will rearrange their schedule to give each client the most convenient time to have the cleaners come out to their house and perform the mattress cleaning. Brooklyn, New York has no other rug and carpet cleaning company that can come close to providing the professional quality of mattress cleaning that this company provides.

Our Promise

Our company promises to provide the most professional and affordable mattress cleaning Brooklyn NY has experienced. Our trained technicians will work around clients schedules to provide our services at the most convenient time possible. We use a green chemical process that helps the environment and everyone in the house better control allergens. Promising to provide the most competitive and affordable prices, our technicians will also work in a fast professional manner.