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ABC Silk Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

ABC Rug and Carpet Care uses a wide variety of techniques to preserve and restore valuable heirlooms. This includes antiques but also hand manufactured carpets that are worth too much money to let ruin. Whether it is normal dirt or something particularly nasty, there is a gentle and effective solution for silk rug cleaning in Brooklyn NY.

Green Cleaning is Beneficial for Silk Rugs

ABC Rug and Carpet Care cleaning uses green methods to get the stains out. Non-hazardous chemicals that do not leech anything undesirable into the atmosphere, and also are good for organic fibers. Silk rug cleaning needs special attention paid to the word silk. It is a natural thread that can be broken down and decomposed by the wrong chemicals. Know that your rug will be treated only with safe substances.

Regular dry cleaning is not appropriate for an antique. While it might work, it might also be that standard dry cleaning staff are more accustomed to cleaning clothing and might not treat your heirloom right. People experienced at working with unique objects will prevent damage and fading. Experts will not only lift out stains, but work to preserve a treasure. It is the same care a museum curator might provide to an exhibit.

We Hand Wash Silk Rugs for the Best Results

There are many simple ways to remove different types of stain. Food particles for example are just dried and hardened organic matter. Soaking in plain water or a gentle wash will weaken and loosen them over time. It is from a good pre-soak that organic stains are harmlessly removed.

While hand washing might sound old fashioned, it is appropriate for some materials and is the right solution for dirt and stains on a silk rug. Most soaps do not degrade silk fibers and purified water is least harmful at all. While soaking does take time, it is worth the effort for something worth no small amount of money and sentimental value. Something that might have been costly to buy is worth money to preserve.

This specialty service does cost more than normal dry cleaning, but it is far from an exotic luxury. It is well within the budget of any person, whether they are a collector or someone with a prized heirloom. It can last for another hundred years or more, with good preservation techniques by your experts at ABC Rug and Carpet Care