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ABC Afghan Rug Cleaning Manhattan

afghan rug cleaning manhattan

A home's decor is far more important than most people in Manhattan even realize. With a city that never sleeps home is often a retreat from all the noise, and should therefore offer a sense of serenity. This is often done by the decor of the home rather than the layout aspects. One of the best ways to do this is with an afghan rug, and many New Yorkers are already enjoying these luxury items.

However, these handcrafted rugs see a great deal of traffic from the family, and this is only magnified with a pet roaming around. The problem is when these rugs become too dirty they also become a breeding ground for several allergens that the family is likely to breathe in and even become sick over. That's why they need to be kept clean by an afghan rug cleaning Manhattan NY company, and on a frequent basis.

The right way to clean the rugs

Some people make the mistake in believing that a simple vacuum can handle this task with any efficiency. However, that's hardly the case, and what's even more dangerous is the damage that can be done to these handcrafted afghan rugs by the use of a vacuum. The other way to get this done is by hiring the services of ABC Rug and Carpet Care.

Our Staff are Expert Rug Cleaners

For starters, this company is staffed with courteous, experienced, and most importantly licensed professionals to handle these rugs in the appropriate manner. With something as delicate and rare as afghan rugs, Manhattan homeowners need someone qualified to clean these pieces. These professionals do this by hand with brushes removing deep seeded dirt, and even urine stains from pets by soaking and washing them thoroughly. This is a process that isn’t as simple as running the vacuum cleaner over it and each rug is treated with the respect it deserves. In fact, this all takes place in a state of the art factory with the latest technology, and only with the use of green cleaning chemicals that are safe on the environment.

Bonuses of using the right company to clean the rugs

Once the rug has been deeply cleaned then we can apply a stain resistant if the client wants one. This helps preserve the rug over the long term. Perhaps, the biggest benefit of using ABC Rug and Carpet Care is the fact that they'll even pick up and deliver the rug upon completion. This delivery service is offered free of charge and at a time that’s convenient for the our customer. This makes it a cinch for Manhattan residents who are living busy lifestyles.

In the end, it's important to protect the decor of the home that sets the ambiance of a relaxing state. With something that gets as dirty as an afghan rug does, it becomes apparent to keep these cleaned as much is possible. To set up an appointment, call us at 1-888-829-7072.