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ABC Chinese Rug Cleaning Manhattan

abc chinese rug cleaner manhattan

ABC Rug and Carpet Care knows the value of a beautiful handmade area rug. With our careful, safe cleaning and repair methods, as well as skilled technicians, preserving a handmade area rug's beauty and protecting its value so that it can be passed down for generations to come is easier than ever.

Call for a Free Consultation with a Rug Expert

Potential clients can schedule a free in-home consultation by one of our knowledgeable and licensed rug technicians in order to accurately assess a client's rug-cleaning needs and determine the cost to remedy them. A rug-cleaning technician will use their skill to determine the extent of any damage to a valued rug, and even pick up a damaged rug on the spot in order to bring it into the factory for cleaning or repair. Clients can also schedule an at home pick up and delivery of their damaged rug at the time that is most convenient for them.

Get Professional Help with Rug Stains

Accidental damage to an area rug is a fact of life - it can happen to anyone no matter how carefully they maintain their valued rug. Rough or untrained handling can result in rips and tears to the rug's delicate fabric, making the material snag in some spots. An area rug can suffer from everyday wear and tear simply by being walked over and exposed to the air, resulting in unsightly dust and deeply imbedded dirt caught in its delicate surface. And stains from spills, odors from the environment such as cooking smells, or hard to clean pet accidents are yet another source of damage to an area rug.

We Are a Green Cleaning Company

ABC Rug and Carpet Care is a green cleaning company with a state-of-the-art factory, never using volatile and harmful chemicals to clean its clients' area rugs. Harsh chemicals can easily discolor or otherwise damage a delicate handmade rug or leave an unpleasant chemical odor which can aggravate our clients' allergies.

Our company only cleans clients' rugs with gentle yet effective cleaning products that are safe for the environment and for our clients. Our state-of-the-art factory utilizes the latest machinery and environmentally friendly techniques such as careful hand washing and soaking to effectively remove stains and odors. Technicians will clean your area rug using safe, efficient green cleaning products -without harsh chemicals which can discolor or otherwise damage a delicate handmade area rug.

With ABC Rug and Carpet Care, no matter what type of handmade area rug our clients own, from Oriental to Amish, its preservation and upkeep is in safe and responsible hands. If you want more information our Chinese rug cleaning in Manhattan, you can call us at 1-888-829-7072.