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Cleaning and sanitizing a mattress is needed if it is has been stored improperly, is soiled or is dirty. The process for cleaning a mattress will also help treat allergies. If you have a mattress that is dirty or has a dust mite problem, then ABC Rug and Carpet Care can help. We can be reached by phone or email message by completing the form on our website.

Mattresses that appear to look clean on the outside can have hidden problems. Dust mites can be in the fibers of a mattress if it is heavily used for many years. Dirt can also accumulate in the fibers that is a cause of allergies. This is why sneezing and coughing may occur during the night.

Standard cleaning methods for a mattress will not remove embedded dirt and contaminants. You should have your mattress professionally cleaned to ensure the job is done properly. Special equipment need to be used to clean and disinfect a mattress. Our technicians are trained with all equipment used to clean a mattress.

The first step for this process is to perform an inspection and them prepare the mattress. Equipment is used to work loose all embedded dirt and material in the fibers of the mattress. The next step is to use a high-powered vacuum to remove loosened particles. The entire surface of the mattress is vacuumed.

We Use Green Cleaning Products on Your Mattress

Technicians will apply a green cleaning solution to the mattress once it has been vacuumed. During the next step is to use a fine-fabric shampoo that our technicians will apply to the surface. The outer surface of the mattress is then vacuumed to remove excess water. The process is repeated until it has all dirt and embedded particles removed.

A natural disinfectant or anti-microbial solution can be sprayed on the mattress to kill any bacteria The mattress may have this process done multiple times to unsure the best results.

We Can Remove Pet Urine and Odors

Another step is needed to remove any odors and stubborn bacteria. If you have odors on your mattress we can use a green solution that will break down the urine and allow it to be removed during the cleaning process. After our intensive cleaning even deep pet odors and urine can be removed so your mattress will smell clean again

Technicians can perform mattress cleaning at your home when you make an appointment. Call us today if you need to schedule a time to have a mattress in your home cleaned. Cleaning a mattress that causes allergies is not only important for health reasons, but it also cheaper than buying a new bed.