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Accidents happen, even to handmade expensive rugs, no matter how hard people try to prevent it from happening. It is an unfortunate, but common, situation that happens to almost everyone at some point no matter how neat and tidy they are. A vis tor may spill a glass of wine, track mud inside your house, or bring over an unruly child to mess up a rug. If and when it happens, there is no need to panic, but instead take action to remedy the problem.

Consult a Professional Rug Cleaner

A lot of people's first reaction is to try to get the stain out themselves. This proves to be a costly mistake sometimes when dealing with a handmade rug. Using any kind of harsh chemicals without knowing what you are doing could end up ruining the rug. Even so much as scrubbing to0 harshly on this type of expensive rug can damage it. In this type of situation it is always better to let a skilled professional get the stain out.

Tools of the Trade

One reason you should take the rug in to a professional to have it cleaned is because they will have the right kind of tools to get the job done. The staff at ABC Rug and Carpet Care have experience and knowledge of special cleaning agents and chemicals that can or cannot be used. Handmade rugs require delicate handling and should never be washed by anything other than the hand. The company only uses green cleaning products in order to ensure delicacy.

Free Evaluation, Pick Up and Delivery

ABC Rug and Carpet Care offers a free evaluation of the rug by a technician that comes to your home. This is a free consultation where the tech will assess the damage and make a recommendation about what to do next, as well as answer customer questions about cost. The tech can also take the rug back to the factory with them. Otherwise, the company will still pick up and deliver rugs but the customer must arrange the time.

The Cleaning Process

ABC Rug and Carpet Care use a delicate technique to clean handmade rugs. The cleaning process consists of soaking the rug in water and letting the dirt, dusts, and odors soak out. If any type of cleaning product is required, the professionals at ABC Rug and Carpet Care use their expertise to determine how to remove the stain using a green product. They provide professional services at affordable prices. If you want to arrange an appointment you can call us at 1-888-829-7072. The typical cleaning time is 5 to 7 working days. When your rug is finished we will call and arrange for a free delivery. If you want the best area rug cleaning company in Manhattan, then call us today!