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ABC Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester NY

You purchased an oriental rug for the beauty that these works of art are and for the elegance and style that an oriental rug adds to your home. You are also probably aware that oriental rugs appreciate over time as long as they are maintained properly and protected from dirt and damage.

Oriental Rug Care is What ABC Rug and Carpet Care Does

The quality of the materials, the tightness of the weave, the fineness of the threads, and the delicacy of some dyes demand in oriental rugs demands a high level of experience and expertise. Cleaning and oriental rug on your own or with rental machines is never a good idea. All this will do is reduce the value of your investment and may destroy it altogether. ABC Rug and Carpet Care has the experience, equipment, and trained personnel that can manage the delicate care an oriental rug needs and maintain the rug's value for decades to come. Free pick up and delivery at a time prearranged by you for your convenience is just one way we let you know that you and your valuable rug come first with us.

Our Methods of Cleaning Oriental Rugs

First and most importantly, we have trained and certified technicians that will inspect your rug and develop a plan for cleaning your rug. Our experts come to your home and evaluate each rug just like it was their own. Each of our experts has years of experience with the exacting cleaning needs of every kind of oriental rug.

We hand wash, soak, and hand rinse your rug using eco friendly soft soaps and cleaners. No machine will touch your valuable investment.

Our in home inspection will detail the specific cleaning needs for your rug so our trained and certified technicians in our factory will know exactly what your rug needs to be spotlessly clean as new. Deep ground in dirt, pet stains, and all kinds of stains can be treated with just the perfect cleaner to preserve the beauty of your fine oriental masterpiece.

Our Staff Provides Expert Rug Repair.

If your rug has some damage we can also repair that damage with the same types of thread in the same colors so that any repair is indistinguishable from the original. Our staff can make rug repairs that are invisible to the eye and make your rug look new again.

Our Guarantee to You

Cost free inspection and analysis at your convenience, hand cleaning with green cleaners that leaves no residue or odors, expertise in cleaning every type of weave, fabric, and color in oriental rugs. A trained and courteous staff that knows how much you value your oriental rug for its beauty and investment at reasonable prices is ABC Rug and Carpet Care guarantee to you.