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For many companies, rug cleaning is just about the bottom line. Many companies just want to make as much money as they can off of whatever it's clients are willing to pay. Many times this causes shortcuts to be taken with the chemicals or the fine details. The end result is an expensive rug that comes back and is not fully cleaned and partially damaged by the hard chemicals that the company used to cut the corner. ABC Rug and Carpet Care rug cleaning is different. We use 100% green products while cleaning and pay licensed professionals to hand wash each rug that is sent to them. ABC Rug and Carpet Care also offers some incredible services that make it stand out above the rest if you need area rug cleaning in Westchester NY.

Our Expert Rug Cleaning Process

ABC Rug and Carpet Care starts the rug cleaning process by soaking the client's rug to remove dust, stains, and odors. Hand washing has been shown to greatly improve the life of the rug. Additional benefits of hand washing are that unlike machines that have a set cycle and then stop; professional rug washers are human. That means that they will spot dirty spots and work to remove them. Unlike a machine that has no way of telling whether a clients rug is sparking clean or still horrendously dirty. The advantages of human thinking in the process is that there is little to no chance of damage to a clients rug. However in a machine, if something breaks, damage can be wrought upon the rug inside of the machine.

We Can Repair and Restore Your Rug

Damage to rugs can still happen over time, making this next service that ABC Rug and Carpet Care offers a real lifesaver. ABC Rug and Carpet Care has professionals on hand to repair the clientele's rugs to tip top shape. Damage caused by just about anything can be repaired by ABC Rug and Carpet Care, including damage from machines, normal wear, ripping, tearing, or just about anything life can throw at a rug.

Free Pick & Delivery

There are some nice free services that ABC Rug and Carpet Care offers as well. Free pickup and delivery from a client set time. If a client has any lingering doubts, ABC Rug and Carpet Care will dispatch a technician to answer any questions a client may have. The tech can answer a myriad of questions relating to anything about rugs and the cleaning process. There is no charge for the consultation and no obligation to do anything with ABC Rug and Carpet Care. However if a client decides that he (or she) wishes to use our outstanding area rug cleaning service in Westchester, they can merely place an order with the tech and the rug will be off to the factory on the same day.

ABC Rug and Carpet Care's services go above and beyond what a traditional company offers in terms of rug cleaning. ABC Rug and Carpet Care Rug is an advanced company that is concerned less about it's bottom line and more about it's quality. For more information , call us at 1-888-829-7072.